Portable Energy Dispersive X Fluorescence Spectrometer P3000 (All Elements Analysis)


1. Stainless steel grade test 
2. Alloy elements analysis 
3. Ore analysis 
4. Soil environmental monitoring 
5. ROHS+halogen 
Product features: Small,light, portable and convenient for on-site working; 
Use American newest Silicon Drift Detector; 
Auto-switch filters; 
Large integrated alloy database can also be added new ones according to user’s needs; 
The integrated optical structure design based on aluminum alloy offers better heat-dissipation performance which guarantees data stability for long-time measurement; 
Automatically close excitation source in case of no sample ;

SDD detector resolution139eV
Excitation sourceX-ray tube, Ag target, end window, 50KV/100uA
Ambient temperature-15℃-40℃
Batterylarge capacity of 7800mAh which can keep 8 hours of working
Measurable elementsNa– U
Measurable range1ppm-99.99%
Screenrotating 3.5 inch touch screen
Detection limit0.001%~0.01%
Measurement time3 to 60 seconds
Filters18 filters combination and can automatically switch