EDX8300 XRF Spectrometer

ROHS,toy safety,electronics,ceramics and plastics,leather jewelry,environmental protection,food safety,plating thickness,metal alloy and so on.

Main Feature

l  EDX8300 is a special product which designed by ROHS, EN71 environmental directives.

l  Break the traditional instruments’ straight design,adopt the streamlined design in overall body, really fashion and simple.

l  Adopt Newest Si-pin detectors, Cooling by electric rather than liquid nitrogen,small size, accurate data analysis,and low sped in maintenance cost.

l  Using self-developed SES signal processing system,could effectively improve the sensitivity in measurement,and give a accurate measurement.

l  One-touched automatic test,more easier operation,more convenient,and more humane.

l  Seven kinds correct systems for lighting path correction,could be switched automatically by different kinds of sample.

l  Multiple protection design against radiation leakage,own the highest level among the similar products in same level.

l  Advanced integrated radiating design,which greatly improve the whole cooling performance,and ensure the safe operation of the core components.

l  Unique movement temperature control technology, which ensure the safe and reliable operation of the X-ray source,extend its long-life time,and reduce the using cost.

l  Multiple protection system in instrument parts,could control the entire process through Software, which will make the instrument more stable and secure while working.

l  Special test software for RoHS,standard window design,friend interface,easy Operation.

l  Adopts USB2.0,effectively ensure the data accurate and rapid transmission.

Main Configuration

l  Si-pin Electric Cooling Semiconductor Detectors: (The Newest Detector Type) Si-pin Electric Cooling semiconductor detector;Resolution: 149±5 Electron Volts Amplifier Circuit Modules:Detect the sample feature X-ray;Enlarge the collected Information.

l  X-ray Excitation Device: Filament Current Maximum Output: 1mA; Belongs to the semi-loss components,Lifetime use more than 20,000 hours.

l  High Voltage Transmit Device :

      Maximum Voltage Output: 50kV.

Minimum 5kv Controllable Adjustment.

Overvoltage Protection by itself.

l  Muti-channel Analyzer:

Convert analog signal into a digital signal,and send the results to the host computer Software.

Maximum Channels Number:4096.

Including the signal enhancement processing.

l  Light Path Filtering Module

Reduce the interference of the X-ray light send,ensure the accurate detector signal data.

Integration the collimator and the filter.

l  Collimator Automatically Switch Module

Up to six options, caliber are 8-1#, 8-2#, 8-3#, 3# ,1#, 1-2v#.

l  Filter Automatically Switch Module

Free selection and switching of the five kinds filter.

l  Free Combination Module between Collimator and Filter

Up to dozens free combination between collimator and filter.

l  Automatically Curve Selected Module

Select the working curve automatically,without manually operation.Avoid human error,perfect combine the automation with the intelligent operation,make it more user-friendly, and more convenient.

Working Conditions

Working temperature:15-30

Relativehumidity: 40%50%

Power Source: AC :220V ±5V

Sample configuration

          Standard samples be used to making working curve

Sample Chamber:Open Type Large style sample chamber

         Standard Sample:EU Standard Sample EC680K                  

   Pure silver samples

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l           Free training in user’s location about installation,debug,test,training and technical services.

l           We provide one year warranty against normal daily use problems or material defects,but the term is there are no other person disassemble action besides our own engineers.

l           Lifelong Maintenance.

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Measurable elementelement S (sulfur) – element U (uranium),total 75 elements
Element content2 PPM – 99.99%
Measurement time100-300 Seconds
Energy Resolution149 ± 5 ev
X-ray tube maximum output current1mA
High voltage maximum output power50w(Voltage:5-50Kv Current:50-1000uA)
Sample chamber size610mm*320mm*100mm