JB-750 Optical Emission Spectrometer


JB-750 Optical Emission Spectrometer has high sensitivity which is up to 1ppm. he accuracy is very high especially the content range of elements is less than 0.1%. This test method is much higher than other methods. It can simultaneous multielement analysis. It can show the test results of dozens of elements under one time analysis. The operation is simple and show the test results within 60 seconds. The cost is very low. There is no consumption of expensive chemical reagents and special accessories. It also save argon gas. One bottle argon gas can test 2000 times. The operation of analysis software is also very easy.
The advantage of JB-750 Optical Emission Spectrometer: 
1. The instrument has the advantages of good accuracy, high accuracy, long term stability and leading technology. 
2. The delivery time is very short. Normally it’s within 10~15 days. If you are urgent, we can finish it within 7 days.
3. Manufacturing process and design is perfect.

Main unit
1Optical Emission SpectrometerJB-7501   set
Standard accessories
1 Operating application software   
2 Apparatus operating manual   
 Protective tube 1Pcs
 Tungsten electrode
5 Polar distance gaugeφ6.5×45  10A2Pcs.
6Sealing ringDiameter 4mm1Pcs
 Brush electrode4.0mm1pcs
8Stainless steel tube 1set
9Oxygen Reducing Valve 1pcs
10Tool assembly6.0mm2.5meter
11 0-0.4Mpa1pcs
12  1Set

Excitation Light Source

Supply Voltage50Hz、220V±1%
Input Power1.0KVA
Discharge CapacitorPrecombustion7.5μF,Exposure1.5μF
Peak CurrentPrecombustion120A,Exposure30A
The peak pressure of main loop300VDC
Ignition CircuitPulse amplitude:+15KV;Assist clearance:adopt the tunnel diode;Discharge Frequency Digital Light Source 100Hz–1000Hz

Excitation Desk

Sample sets of gap4mm
 Argon filling rack without water cooling
Analysis time intervalgenerally less than 1 minute


Analysis band range160~450nm
750mmMachine engraved concave gratingCurvature radius of 750mm
Characterization density2400 line/mm
Characterization Area30×50mm2
Blaze wavelength (level 1)300nm
Line dispersion0.55nm/mm
The incident slit width20μm
Exit slit width50μm、75μm
Multiplier TubeDiameter 28mm, 10 side window, fused silica or glass shell
Max channels24(can be extended to 48 channels)
Spectrometer local constant temperature38℃±0.2℃

Measuring Control System

Measurement and Control SystemThe single board computer measurement and control, data exchange with the Host Computer.
Measuring MethodsPiecewise integral
Integral capacitance0.047μF
Photomultiplier High Voltage Power 
StabilityEight hours is better than 0.5%
High pressure regulatingfrom -550V to -1000V change, 0-9 grades adjustment
High pressure settingsUser can change it through computer software


 Maximum power 1000W, standby 300W
 16A fuse
Gas requirementargon purity 99.995%
Maximum oxygen content5ppm
Ambient temperature requirement20-30
Net Weight280Kg