AA320N Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

● high-energy optical path: the use of dual-beam total reflection optical system, full-band achromatic, and the light source of the circular spot through the optical transformation, a long spot into the slit, thereby enhancing the dual-beam luminous flux. 

● Reliable baseline stability: Optimized design of the dual-beam system can compensate for drift of the light source, the temperature changes caused by the drift of the wavelength {with the ability to eliminate wavelength drift on the stability of the baseline function} and electronic circuit drift. Therefore, with reliable baseline stability, the hollow cathode lamp can analyze the crystal immediately without preheating for a long time, and is the preferred instrument for analyzing multiple elements and quickly analyzing the sample. 
● Measurement of high precision: As the gas system is equipped with precision regulator, steady flow device, flame stability, low noise, unique design of the fine light speed from the flame through to ensure that the test test high precision, low characteristic concentration. 
● built-in computer data processing and liquid crystal display: the use of highly integrated computerized digital circuits, stable and reliable. With a variety of linear nonlinear curve fitting, the screen displays a variety of parameters and work curves, print reports and other functions, while an external personal computer interface. 
● long life corrosion-resistant atomization system: the combustion head with corrosion-resistant, fast balance of the new ferroalloy steel material, without water cooling can meet the stability requirements of measurement. 
● The standard curve has linear regression, curve fitting, multi-point standard correction; can calculate the average, standard deviation, the relative standard deviation of the relevant data, can display and print the standard average , Standard deviation, the relative standard deviation of the relevant data, can display and print the standard curve, the atomic absorption peak map, i general line profile and data and instrument parameters and analysis reports. 
● multi-functional analysis: do the flame absorption, flame emission, graphite furnace atomic absorption and hydride generation method. 
● Safe and reliable air system: with safety protection device. 
● complete accessories: random matching complete, after the purchase that can be used. 
● Optional data acquisition software. 
● AA320N CRT on the basis of AA320N, add computer, printer and data processing software. The software has six functions: element and work mode selection window, condition setting window, sample test window, file management window, data browsing window and analysis condition library maintenance window.

Optical systemdual-beam total reflection, C-T monochromator
Grating1800 lines / mm
Shine wavelength250nm
Wavelength range190nm – 900nm
Wavelength indication error± 0.5nm
Wavelength repeatability≤ ± 0.3nm (one-way)
Spectral bandwidth0.2 nm, 0.4 nm, 0.7 nm, 1.4 nm, 2.4 nm, 5.0 nm
Wavelength scanning speed1.2nm / min; 300nm / min
Baseline stability± 0.005 A / 30min
Characteristic concentration≤ 0.04 μ g / ml / 1% (Cu element)
Detection limit≤ 0.007μ g / ml (Cu element)
Background correction capabilitymore than 30 times
Burner100mm single-seam titanium alloy
Sprayerefficient glass atomizer
atomization chamberexplosion-proof pre-mixing
Communication portRS232 and USB
Power220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 1Hz, 200W
Host size1000mm × 530mm × 425mm
Net weight130kg