JB-1000 ICP

company introduce Wuxi Jiebo Electrical Technology Co., LTD. is the professional manufacture factory for analytical instrument with solid technical strength.The model JB-1000 Type Inductively coupled plasma single channel scan Atomic Emission Spectrometry is a large precisional and analytical instrument that complex light,machine,electricity and computer all-in-one. 

The ICP can measurate elements more than seventy that diversified from microanalysis to constant analysis. It is wide-ranging application in geologic,metallurgy, thulium, plating, cement,oil,chemical, environmental detection, coloured metal, physic sanitation, food, geoponics, scientific research, college and mine factory etc. It is not only good selling within the similar goods in our country but also have good reputation in international market.
  It is the honesty that our company based on. Relying on the strong after-selling service system, our client can incisively use the instrument performance to the advantage, that can satisy the requirement of the quick and exact analysis performance of clients and avoid the trouble after selling. 
Main characteristics: 
1、The Self-sustaining radio frequency generator with power controlling makes the output power steady. 
2、The design of the optimization optical reducing mottle light ,the high reticle ion etch holographic grating guarantee the high resolving power. 
3、Adoptation of importation step motor and low modulus big-gear transmission framework guarantee scan precision. 
4、Adoptation of intelligentize data transmission system heighten the analysis speed. 
5、Adoptation of the Windows operating system of good operating system make the instrument operation convinient. 
6、Adoptation of two grating for interconvert satisfy demanding of different users.   

Standard configure 

RF generator140MHz,800-1200W
Sample introduction system1Concentric quartz tubes、nebulizer、atomization champer、sealed water bottle
Scan spectrophotometer1750mm&1000mm
Inspecting system1The F/V switch circuit controlled by single-chip
Software of instrumental operating1The English Windows operating system with compact disc
Illumination and configure list1 

  2、Fittings concentric quartz tubes、nebulizer、atomization champer、sealed water bottle   3、Accessories

Automatic temperature-controlling cooling systemAC-2500  or  AC-1500
High-precision alternating current10KW
Line mercury-arc lamp resourceSimulate test saving Argon dosage

Software analysis way 
1、Searching zero class 
Searching zero class is instrument inspect orientation basic gist. The instrument auto zero class wave length revise and Confirm the instrument orientation zero before boot-strap every time. 
2、Upbuild analysis way 
After startup program, first according to the classification which is ready to be measured, user maybe take it from means interface element-circling period table and then choose that element chart line and relatively operation parameter. The user upbuild a suit of better analysis means which can greatly improve work efficiency. 
3、Wave chart analysis 
Adopt chart line that it has added in the means to process peak-searching task, the software can automaticly search chart line peak value, if the chart map has multipal peaks the user can choose it manuualy, that can get rid of disturbing element outside chart line. 
4、Standard curve 
The standard curve is the base of the quantified mearurement to sample products, commonly thing, should be choice high standard content and low standard content to upbuild a standard curve, the ready element content is the basis of this curve measure the intension to figure out the element concentration .
5、Sample measure 
The sample measure is the basis of standard curve equation, search ready measure element photic intensity corresponding strength value, the corresponding strength value units may be use percent content % or ppm to show. 
6、Data output 
The measure result data can be seen or printed out in system.

Sample introduction system

Quartz tubes20mm three concentric type
Nebulizer6mm coaxial type
Atomization chamber35mm double canister type
Plasma gas flow100-1000L/h
Assistant gas flow6-60L/h
Carrier gas volume6-60L/h
Carrier gas pressureMaximum 0.3Mpa

Radio frequency generator

Circuit typeSelf oscillate circuit,coaxial-cable output, matching tune
Work frequency40MHz
Frequency stability<0.1%
Power output800-1200W
Power output stability<0.2%
Power supply220V 25A

Scaning spectrophotometer

Light way systemCzerny Turner type
GratingIon etch holographic grating
 reticle density 3600line/mm&2400line/mm
 reticle area (80×100)mm
Resolving power≤0.008nm
Scan wavelength range3600line/mm scan wave length range:195 nm-500nm
 2400line/mm scan wave length range:195nm-800nm
Scan step distance0.0006nm
Scan repeat quality≤0.0006nm

Inspection system

The F/V switch circuit controlled by singlechip 
Sampling time100ms-10s
Photomultiplier TubeR212UH
PMT negative high voltage200-990V, stability ≤0.05%

Equipment technical index

Analytic speedOver 10 element per minute
PrecisionRelatively standard deviation RSD≤2%(short time stability)
StabilityRelatively standard deviation RSD≤3%(one hour measure)
Measure line range≥5 scalar class
Inspect lowest limitTypical element inspect limit reference below table