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Facility Management Jobs
At present we are hiring the suitable candidates for below mentioned positions under Integrated Facility Management domain for Residential Societies, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Corporate Offices and Hotels etc.  

1. Technical Staff : 

A. Electrician  B. Plumber  C. HVAC Operator  D. Lift Operator  E. DG Operator  F. Fireman  G. Meson H. Carpenter  I. Painter  J. STP Operator  K. Supervisor (Electrical / Plumbing / HVAC / DG)

2. Housekeeping Staff :

A. Housekeeping Boys   B. Supervisor (Housekeeping) 

3. Security Staff :

A. Security Guards  B. Security Supervisor  C. Chief Security Officer  

4. Horticulture Staff :

A. Gardener  B. Supervisor (Gardening) 

5. Managerial Staff :

A. Shift Engineer  B. Finance Officer  C. Facility / Estate Manager  D. Manager Soft Services  E. Manager Technical Services  

6. Other Staff : 

A. Rider  B. Helper  C. Office Boy

Interested Candidates are requested to click on the link below and furnish their details for an interview


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